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and now . . . Male Encounters of the Life Kind

AFD = April Fools’ Day!

Lirpa Sloof

Lirpa Sloof

Lirpa is the President and CEO of AFD Podcasts.

Lirpa = April
Sloof = Fools

Edam Pu

Edam is the Vice President of AFD Podcasts.

Edam = Made
Pu = Up


We did some searching online and came up with these profile pictures to use for our April Fools’ Day gag.  We mean absolutely no disrespect to these two beautiful, and famous, ladies.

If you can email us with the REAL names of BOTH of these lovely ladies (pictured above), we will award you with ONE FREE DRINK from Traegers Bar!
(must be at at least age 21 in order to participate)

Thank the Sponsors of
Male Encounters of the Life Kind
…but please don’t blame them
for our shenanigans!

The Male Encounters of the Life Kind Gallery

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