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DAVID “daGeneral” MILLS

Host / Executive Producer
Wake Up Call, Glow Up Chronicles, Male Encounters of the Life Kind, & Mills Mumblings

Executive Producer
Female Encounters of the Life Kind, Reclaiming Culture with AJ Begay

“Morning Dude” Radio Durango
101.3 FM Durango – 96.5 FM Farmington

David is an old radio “dj” (disc jockey) getting his brand of talk and humor on the airways since 1969. It’s the responsibility of the animals of the planet to fertilize the earth, it’s David’s to fertilize the airways. Given the nickname the General because of his last name, which he had to convert daGaneral due to franchise infringement.


Host / Producer
Wake Up Call

Creative Consultant
InterWest Concepts

Ren is an old soul with a big mouth. For as long as she can remember she’s been fixing up VCRs, untangling computer cords, and messing with any sort of technology until it breaks. She got her start in radio as a board-op, and its been all downhill since then.

Ken Collins

Male Encounters of the Life Kind

Executive Producer
InterWest Concepts

Ken is a 10-year US Air Force veteran turned computer geek turned digital marketing magician, because the internet runs on gypsy magic.  He’s traveled the country and parts of the world, and returned to Farmington in 2003.  With a head filled with crazy notions, Ken likes to tell stories and laugh – even when it might not be appropriate.  He also designed our website here!

Carrie Inskeep

Female Encounters of the Life Kind

Carrie Inskeep is a Farmington local and a successful small business owner of, “The Poop Group” a business that scoops dog poop, dung, fecal matter and caca. She’s thinks she’s pretty witty or just pretty…or whatever she wants to believe. She likes poetry, long walks on the beach and poking dead things with sticks. She believes in the power of Mac & Cheese and bubble baths.

Alisha Martinelli

Female Encounters of the Life Kind

Alisha Martinelli was born and raised in Farmington and knows the successful small business owner of, “The Poop Group”. When she isn’t name dropping, she’s a moderately successful Office Manager for a local crane company. In her free time, she loves sports and volunteering with the Special Olympics.  Puppies love her and she usually smells like pine needles and pickles.

AJ Begay

Host / Creator
Reclaiming Culture

AJ is a native New Mexican from the Diné Nation.  She enjoys volunteering in her community with NWNMAC, promoting small and local businesses, painting/drawing, reading and spending time with family.  AJ spent a few years in the Army, and after having lived in many places, came home because of her deep love for her Diné People, her mother and green chile!  She’s currently completing her B.F.A. in Communication Design with a minor in Native American Indigenous Studies, which she hopes to use to help promote Indigenous artists and business owners.

Bill “Captain” Snively

Professional Voice Talent
InterWest Concepts


Laura Smith aka Laura Dee

Professional Voice Talent
InterWest Concepts

Laura Dee was born in Farmington, NM, and has lived the majority of her life right here in the Four Corners area. Laura started her career in radio in 1989, and spent almost 11 years behind the mic. However, her experience behind the mic was not limited to just being a radio DJ. Laura has also had a long relationship with music, starting out, singing with various bands throughout the area, at the tender age of 13. Laura was the lead singer in her own band, Highway 64, for many years and has opened for numerous country music stars. Laura was nominated for Best New Female Vocalist of the Year, by Nashville’s Independent Label Society, and has even sang on the stage of The Grand Ole Opry. 

Today, Laura is a Trauma Certified Registered Nurse for Indian Health Services, in the Emergency Department at Crownpoint Healthcare Facility, caring for our Native American families on the Navajo Reservation. In her spare time, Laura still enjoys singing, is an avid horsewoman, competing in Cowgirl Mounted Shooting, has one son and is excited to help you reach your potential audiences through the use of voiceovers, commercial advertising presentations, and storytelling.

Rachel “Stella” Judge

Intern / Voice Talent
InterWest Concepts

Rachel is an Instructional Designer at RainFocus and has enjoyed careers in teaching and collegiate athletics.  She lives in Las Cruces and plays the cello for the New Horizons Symphony Orchestra.

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