InterWest Concepts Presents

Cognitive Discussions
with Lonnie Whitaker

Lonnie and his guests discuss mental health issues.  Lonnie provides insight into his journey and how he’s learned to cope with PTSD and overcome depression.  You’ll hear from guests who share their own stories.  We’ll provide different perspectives about mental illness and mental wellness.

Cognitive Discussions
with Lonnie Whitaker

Lonnie Whitaker is a Retired Army Combat Veteran with 22 years in service with four successful tours to the Middle East. After retirement, Lonnie was diagnosed with PTSD and depression.

The medication that the doctors and physicians were prescribing only made his mental condition worse. He turned to bodybuilding which helped him manage the mental illness that consumed his every moment and is now prepared to help you build your confidence and overcome what you never thought possible.

Lonnie holds a masters in psychology with an emphasis in health psychology from Grand Canyon University and he’s also currently pursuing his PhD with Grand Canyon as well. He has pro-qualified with Musclemaina Bodybuilding Federation to become a professional bodybuilder.


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